BCS Adjustable Beam Clamp with Shackle

Range from 1.0t to 10.0t

Quick and versatile rigging point for hoisting equipment

Shackle suspensions point

Safety factor up to 5 times WLL

Highly flexable - for lifting, pulling or as an anchor point

Multidirectional adjusting screw spindle for easy

attachment and safe and secure grip

Wide beam flange adjustment range.

Product Code Capacity (tonne) Beam Flange Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
BCS-0100 1.0 75-210 4.6
BCS-0200 2.0 75-210 5.4
BCS-0300 3.0 75-305 10.0
BCS-0500 5.0 75-305 12.4
BCS-1000 10.0 120-350 28.0